Nanofabrication and nanocharacterization techniques - Lecture (Prof. Dr A. Di Bernardo)

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Monday 15.15 16.45 12.04.2021 19.07.2021 Webex
Thursday 15.15 16.45 15.04.2021 22.07.2021 Webex


Nanofabrication and Nanocharacterization Techniques - Tutorial (Mr Alfredo Spuri / Miss Priyana Puliyappara Babu)

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Thursday 16.45 17.45 15.04.2021 22.07.2021 Webex


Nanoscience, which focuses on studying the physics of objects ranging in size from 1 nm to 100 nm, has advanced rapidly over the past few decades. This scientific advance was mainly achieved through the development of techniques for fabricating nanoscale objects and characterizing their physical properties.

After reviewing some fundamental physical concepts and phenomena relevant at the nanoscale level, this course focuses on a description of the working principles and technological challenges of state-of-the-art nanofabrication techniques used to realize nanostructures and nanoscale devices including top-down approaches (e.g. lithography) and bottom-up approaches (e.g. self-assembly).

In the second part of the course, nanocharacterization techniques are presented, which are used to study the structural and spectroscopic properties of nanoscale materials and systems. These nanocharacterization techniques include electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and magnetic circular dichroism.


The lecture course and related tutorial classes will be given online via the Webex platform due to the restrictions for the Covid-19 pandemic. The link to the online Webex course will be provided to all attendees and other university members interested via email or upon request.

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