Pre-print articles (currently under review) are reported at the top of the list and are followed by manuscripts already published/accepted for publications.

For an up-to-date list of publications, see Google Scholar


32. A. Spuri, D. Nikolić, S. Chakraborty, M. Klang, H. Alpern, O. Millo, H. Steinberg, W. Belzig, E. Scheer, A. Di Bernardo* 

Generation of long-ranged spin-triplet pairs across a two-dimensional superconductor/helimagnet van der Waals interface

Under review, pre-print available here

31. L. Ruf, T. Elalaily, C. Puglia, Y. P. Ivanov, F. Joint, M. Berke, A. Iorio, P. Makk, G. De Simoni, S. Gasparinetti, G. Divitini, S. Csonka, F. Giazotto, E. Scheer, A. Di Bernardo*

Effect of fabrication routes on the control of superconducting currents by gate voltage

Under review, pre-print available here

30. S. Chakraborty, D. Nikolić, J. C. Cuevas, F. Giazotto, A. Di Bernardo, E. Scheer, M. Cuoco, W. Belzig

Microscopic theory of supercurrent suppression by gate-controlled surface depairing

Under review, pre-print available here

29. L. Ruf, C. Puglia, G. De Simoni, Yu. P. Ivanov, T. Elalaily, F. Joint, M. Berke, J. Koch, A. Iorio, S. Khorshidian, P. Makk, A. Vecchione, S. Gasparinetti, S. Csonka, W. Belzig, M. Cuoco, G. Divitini, F. Giazotto, E. Scheer, A. Di Bernardo*

Gate-control of superconducting current: relevant parameters and perspectives

Under review, pre-print available here


28. Intrinsic giant magnetoresistance due to exchange-bias-type effects at the surface of single-crystalline NiS2 nanoflakes

R. Hartmann, M. Hogen, D. Lignon, A. K. C. Tan, M. Amado, S. El-Khatib, M. Egilmez, B. Das, C. Leighton, M. Atature, E. Scheer, A. Di Bernardo*

Accepted in Nanoscale (2023)


27. Chip-integrated vortex manipulation

I. Keren, A. Gutfreund, N. Friedman, A. Noah, A. Di Bernardo, H. Steinberg, Y. Anahory.

Accepted in Nano Letters (2023)


26. Low-temperature weak localization concurrent with double Schottky barrier grain boundary in SrTiO3 bicrystal 

M. Egilmez, S. El-Khatib, F. Mustafa, S. Ahmad, A. Di Bernardo, J. W. A.  Robinson.

Phys. Rev. B 107, 10440 (2023)


25. Broken mirror symmetry boosts current conversion in a superconductor

A. Di Bernardo*

Nature 613, 446-447 (2023)


24. Scanning SQUID imaging of reduced superconductivity due to the effect of chiral molecule islands adsorbed on Nb

M. Ozeri, T.R. Devidas, H. Alpern, E. Persky, A. Bjorlig, N. Sukenik, S. Yochelis, A. Di Bernardo, B. Kalisky, O. Millo, Y. Paltiel.

Adv. Mater. Interfaces, 2201899 (2023) 


23. Materials challenges for SrRuO3: from conventional to quantum electronics

M. Cuoco, A. Di Bernardo*

APL Materials 10, 090902 (2022) 


22. Unconventional Meissner screening induced by chiral molecules in a conventional superconductor

H. Alpern, M. Amundsen, R. Hartmann, N. Sukenik, A. Spuri, S. Yochelis, T. Prokscha, V. Gutkin, Y. Anahory, E. Scheer, J. Linder, Z. Salman, O. Millo, Y. Paltiel, A. Di Bernardo*

Phys. Rev. Materials 5, 114801 (2021)


21. Unveiling unconventional magnetism at the surface of Sr2RuO4

R. Fittipaldi, R. Hartmann, M. T. Mercaldo, S. Komori, A. Bjørlig, W. Kyung, Y. Yasui, T. Miyoshi, L. A. B. Olde Olthof, C. Palomares Garcia, V. Granata, I. Keren, W. Higemoto, A. Suter, T. Prokscha, A. Romano, C. Noce, C. Kim, Y. Maeno, E. Scheer, B. Kalisky, J. W. A. Robinson, M. Cuoco, Z. Salman, A. Vecchione, A. Di Bernardo*

Nature Communications 12, 5792 (2021)


20. NbReN: A disordered superconductor in thin film form for potential application as superconducting nanowire single photon detector

C Cirillo, V Granata, A Spuri, A Di Bernardo, C Attanasio

Physical Review Materials 5, 085004 (2021)

19. Tailoring superconducting states in superconductor-ferromagnet hybrids 

A. Stellhorn, A. Sarkar, E. Kentzinger, A. Di Bernardo, S. Nandi, P. Zakalek, J. Schubert, T. Brückel

New Journal of Physics 22, 093001 (2020)

18. Magnetotransport and magnetic properties of amorphous NdNi5 thin films. 

C. Cirillo, C. Barone, H. Bradshaw, F. Urban, A. Di Bernardo, C. Mauro, J.W.A. Robinson, S. Pagano, C. Attanasio

Scientific Reports 10, 13693 (2020) 

17. Pair suppression caused by mosaic-twist defects in superconducting Sr2RuO4 thin films prepared using pulsed laser deposition

C.M.P. Garcia, A. Di Bernardo, G. Kimbell, M.E. Vickers, F.C.P. Massabuau, S. Komori, G. Divitini, Y. Yasui, H.G. Lee, J. Kim, B. Kim, M.G. Blamire, A. Vecchione, R. Fittipaldi, Y. Maeno, T.W. Noh, J.W.A. Robison

Communications Materials 1, 23 (2020)

16. Tuning the magnetic anisotropy energy of atomic wires

M.W. Prestel, M.F. Ritter, A. Di Bernardo, T. Pietsch, E. Scheer

Physical Review B 100, 214439 (2020)

15. Nodal superconducting exchange coupling

A. Di Bernardo*, S. Komori, G. Livanas, G. Divitini, P. Gentile, M. Cuoco, J.W.A. Robinson 

Nature Materials 18, 1194 (2019)



14. 3D strain-induced superconductivity in La2CuO4+δ using a simple vertically-aligned nanocomposite approach

E.M. Choi, A. Di Bernardo, B. Zhu, P. Lu, K.H.L. Zhang, H. Alpern, T. Shapira, J. Feighan, X. Sun, J.W.A. Robinson, Y. Paltiel, O. Millo, H. Wang, Q. Jia, J.L. MacManus-Driscoll 

Science Advances 5, eaav5532 (2019)


13. Niobium diselenide superconducting photodetectors

G. J. Orchin, D. De Fazio, A. Di Bernardo, M. Hamer, D. Yoon, A. R. Cadore, I. Goykhman, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, J. W. A. Robinson, R. V. Gorbachev, A. C. Ferrari, R. H. Hadfield

Applied Physics Letters 114, 251103 (2019)


12. Magnetic exchange fields and domain wall superconductivity at an all-oxide superconductor/ferromagnetic insulator interface

S. Komori, A. Di Bernardo, A.I. Buzdin, M.G. Blamire, J.W.A. Robinson

Physical Review Letters 121, 077003 (2018)



11. Highly Bi-doped Cu thin films with large spin-mixing conductance

S. Ruiz-Gómez, A. Serrano, R. Guerrero, M. Muñoz, I. Lucas, M. Foerster, L. Aballe, J.F. Marco, M. Amado, L. McKenzie-Sell, A. Di Bernardo, J.W.A. Robinson, M.A.G. Barrio, A. Mascaraque, L. Perez

APL Materials 6, 101107 (2018)


10. p-wave triggered superconductivity in single-layer graphene on an electron-doped oxide superconductor

A. Di Bernardo, Y. Kalcheim, M. Barbone, M. Amado, D. De Fazio, U. Sassi, A. Ott, J. Linder, A.C. Ferrari, O. Millo, J.W.A. Robinson

Nature Communications 8, 14024 (2017)

9. Photonic Sorting of Aligned, Crystalline Carbon Nanotube Textiles

J.S. Bulmer, T.S. Gspann, F. Orozco, M. Sparkes, H. Koerner, A. Di Bernardo, A. Niemiec, J.W.A. Robinson, K.K. Koziol, J.A. Elliot, W. O’Neill

Scientific Reports 7, 12977 (2017)


8. Magnetization-control and transfer of spin-polarized Cooper pairs into a half-metal manganite

A. Srivastava, L.A.B. Olde Olthof, A. Di Bernardo, S. Komori, M. Amado, C. Palomares-Garcia, M. Alidoust, K. Halterman, M.G. Blamire, J.W.A. Robinson

Physical Review Applied 8, 044008 (2017)



7. Enhanced localized superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 thin films by pulsed laser deposition

J. Cao, D. Massarotti, M.E. Vickers, A. Kursumovic, A. Di Bernardo, J.W.A. Robinson, F. Tafuri, J.L. MacManus-Driscoll, M.G. Blamire

Superconductor Science and Technology 29, 095005 (2016)


6. Electric control of superconducting transition through a spin-orbit coupled interface

J.A. Ouassou, A. Di Bernardo, J.W.A Robinson, J. Linder

Scientific Reports 6, 29312 (2016)



5. Intrinsic paramagnetic Meissner effect due to s-wave odd frequency superconductivity

A. Di Bernardo, Z. Salman, X.L. Wang, M. Amado, M. Egilmez, M.G. Flokstra, A. Suter, S.L. Lee, J.H. Zhao, T. Prokscha, E. Morenzoni, M.G. Blamire, J. Linder, J.W.A. Robinson

Physical Review X 5, 041021 (2015)



4. Signature of magnetic-dependent gapless odd frequency states at superconductor/ferromagnet interfaces

A. Di Bernardo, S. Diesch, Y. Gu, J. Linder, E. Scheer, M.G. Blamire, J.W.A. Robinson

Nature Communications 6, 8053 (2015)



3. Inverse proximity effect at superconductor-ferromagnet interfaces: evidence for induced triplet pairing in the superconductor

Y. Kalcheim, O. Millo, A. Di Bernardo, A. Pal, J.W.A. Robinson

Physical Review B Rapid Communications 92, 060501 (2015)



2. Magnetic field dependence of the proximity-induced triplet superconductivity at ferromagnet/superconductor interfaces

Y. Kalcheim, I. Felner, O. Millo, T. Kirzhner, G. Koren, A. Di Bernardo, M. Egilmez, M.G. Blamire, J.W.A. Robinson

Physical Review B Rapid Communications 89, 180506 (2014)


1. Giant triplet proximity effect in superconducting pseudo spin valves with engineered anisotropy

X.L. Wang, A. Di Bernardo, N. Banerjee, A. Wells, F.S. Bergeret, M.G. Blamire, J.W.A. Robinson

Physical Review B Rapid Communications 89, 140508 (2014)