News and Views on chiral superconductivity in Nature!

In this News and Views article for Nature, we discuss an outstanding result reported by Nakajima et al. on a chiral superconductor and illustrate the potential of this material for spintronic and superconducting spintronics applications!

In spintronics, a mechanism called ‘spin–orbit interaction’ is exploited to separate charge carriers depending on their spin. As a result of this mechanism, charges of an a injected current can separate, depending on their spin orientation, leading to a spin-dependent voltage in the direction perpendicular to the flow of the same charges. In an article appeared in the journal Nature, Nakajima and co-workers show that, using a new superconducting material with a chiral structure, this voltage can be made up to 1,000 larger than expected, as a result of the physical effects stemming from the chiral structure itself. In this Nature News and Views, Prof. Di Bernardo gives his point of view on the discovery and illustrates the impact it can have towards new spintronic and superconducting spintronic applications.