Perspective article in APL Materials

Our group publishes a Perspective article on SrRuO3, one of the most intensively investigated metal oxide compounds.

In this article, we provide our perspectives on the most promising applications of SrRuO3 for devices for conventional and quantum electronics. The article stems from a collaboration with Dr Mario Cuoco from the CNR-Spin in Salerno. 

In the manuscript, we identify conventional electronic applications where SrRuOcan bring competitive advantages over other oxide materials. For quantum electronics, we propose devices that can help gain a deeper understanding of quantum effects in SrRuO3 to exploit them for quantum technologies. We also give an outlook about properties of SrRuO3 still waiting for discovery and applications that may stem from them.

For more information, please refer to the original manuscript: APL Materials 10, 090902 (2022).