New group article in Nanoscale!

In this study led by us and in collaboration with other teams, we find that NiS2 nanoflakes exhibit giant magnetoresistance due to non-collinear magnetic spin textures forming on their surface.

We produce NiS2 nanoflakes for the first time via mechanical cleaving and exfoliation of NiS2 single crystals. Using nitrogen-vacancy magnetometry and doing magnetotransport measurements at low temperatures, we show that these nanoflakes exhibit field-asymmetric magnetotransport features resembling those of more complex magnetic thin film heterostructures. These effects are due to the co-existance of antiferromagnetic and ferromagnetic phases on the surface of the nanoflakes, and pave the way for the application of NiS2 for spintronics and superconducting spintronics applications. For more details, please refer to the article in Nanoscale